World Undiagnosed Day

imageIn the spirit of the international Rare Disease Day on February 28th, I started a petition on March 5, 2010 to ask Oprah for help in officially creating World Undiagnosed Day...

Plight of the Undiagnosed


Patients who are undiagnosed often share a long road of searching with patients of rare diseases or rare presentations of more common diseases, and therefore deserve a day of their own to receive greater awareness, understanding, respect and compassion.

Why a Special Day for the Undiagnosed?


There are millions of reasons to make March 5 an official day -- the millions who fall through the cracks each year, remaining undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for far too long. The following are quotes from U-Day supporters, with reasons why they think an official day is necessary...

Making a Difference in Diagnosis


Leaders in diagnostic science are pioneering new ways to use technology, methodology, and experience to identify diseases more efficiently. Here we list some of the advancements we've heard about, and we'll keep adding them as we find them.

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